Recycled musical instrument

Mari Pokorny
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Flower Pot Rings

Materials: 16 different flower pots and twp PVC pipes with a tee socket attached to one side

(The two vids attached were me exploring sounds in the barn)

I don't really pay that much attention to what random objects make, but this studio allowed me to be more mindful and aware of sounds all around me. It was fun to go around hitting, plucking, and banging things together.

In the end, I finished my project, playing an original. I banged PVC pipes against pots that I arranged from lowest to highest(well I tried my best to). 

"Wind Drops" // SLIDES

Mari Pokorny

mari name

Mari Pokorny

Journal Post April 3, 2020

Mari Pokorny
  • Rose, Book, Thorn
    • Rose: Fun to go into the barn and rummage around tapping and banging random things laying around. It also inspired me for new DIY stuff for rustic room decor ideas.
    • Book: I learned about the sounds and vibrations of different types of instruments. I also learned about new artists like Philip Glass and Regina Carter.
    • Thorn: I didn't like sitting around for a long time. I wished that we could build and create stuff in front of the class because then we get input and ideas from other folks when constructing our things.
  • I am looking forward to exploring different sounds and pitches I can create with random items laying around. I am also excited to try and cover a simple song with my flower pots, but if that's too hard, I'll create my own. Another thing that I'm looking forward to is trying to overlap different recordings- like one recording/video of me playing the flower pots, one recording/video of me playing the horseshoes, and maybe another recording/video of me tapping the pole of an old street sign. I'm still exploring.
  • The first song I listened to was Philip Glass's Etudes (No. 5 & 6) and I loved these. At first, I was hesitant because I don't really listen to music that is only instrumental, but it was really nice to listen too. Later that evening I played it before I went to bed. haha
  • Questions for the guest musicians: Have you ever created an original? do you incorporate different instruments or movements in your songs? advice for someone who is starting fresh and trying to play the guitar?
  • Song recommendation for the studio playlist: To Die For by Sam Smith, From Eden by Hozier, I Hate LA bu Hot Chelle Rae, Piano Man by Billy Joel (:

Art of Noises 4 Discussion Points

Mari Pokorny
  1. The power of noise
    1. brings us back to life
    2. noise is familiar
    3. accompanies every manifestation of our life
  2. Pure sounds
    1. how we must "break away from the restrictive circle of pure sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise"
  3. "The art of noises should not be limited to a mere imitative reproduction"
    1. the are of noises will extract power from the acoustic pleasure that a musician receives while merging different sounds
  4. 1913-- Modena-- first concert-- first-time people heard a variety of noise-making instruments
    1. before this, it was plain and natural noises
    2. Now, machines make noise

video // studio 3

Mari Pokorny


Mari Pokorny

Mari plays on the Wind Drops Instrument.


Mari Pokorny

The wind decided to play The Wind Drops (:

Concept Sketches/Doodles // STUDIO 3

Mari Pokorny
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Prototype // STUDIO 3

Mari Pokorny


  • Duck Tape
  • Two empty plastic bottles
  • Wire- thicker
  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • empty metal bucket
  • PVC pipe
  • A few nails
  • empty tomato can
  • tomato wire thing
  • Shepherds hook (bird feeder stand)
  • An old lamp found
  • string