Journal Post 5/1

Mari Pokorny

Patrick H

  1. Liberal arts student allowed him to explore other classes which then led him to find his passions
  2. When you hit a wall or bump, try to design the opposite of what you imagined
    1. wanted thin and light--> draw thick and dark
  3. Thesis- the familiar uncommon. About how architecture and art don't have to be separating and about how you can control some aspects
    1. I like that he took a different route for his thesis and didn't do something like designing an airport, a house, or something typical
  4. Was able to have a combination of art and architecture even though people try to separate them
  5. If you have an opportunity, just go for it- be open. College is all about exploring and trying new things
    1. stay curious
  6. Works at The Met as an exhibition Designer
  7. It was cool that he went abroad and worked- learn so much more

He inspired me to think that I don't have to choose just art or just architecture. That you can always explore and find connections between two things you are passionate about. And what you've ever imagined being, isn't always what will fold out in the end.

My rose of the week was probably trying to make the senior video and seeing their reactions. My book is that you don't always have to always separate art from architecture. You can always find those connections. And my thorn is losing our seniors, Delaney and Sofia.

My advice for future Wheeler NuVu students is that confidence is key. I started this semester with low confidence in my abilities to draw, build, and create, but NuVu has taught me so much. I didn't even realize how much I've grown in my skills until Shaunta told me. And I now see it. I remember on the first day of NuVu, they told us all to Doodle. And the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "I can't do this." Even when something so simple or also not seems daunting, just know that eventually, you'll get through, and it'll just be a spot where it needs growth. Another piece of advice is to find something that you are passionate about for your projects. You build so much more motivation and confidence when your passionate and excited about your studio project. 

I need to clean up my computer and update stuff. I'm nervous about this next studio because I feel less confident in my abilities to use Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fusion 360... but I'm sure I'll figure it out. It takes time and practice.

Open Innovation: At the beginning of the semester, I sketched out an idea. I wanted to make an Oxygen wall that the windows down in the NuVu studio can look out to. I now still want to keep to the botany plant theme, but I still need to do some looking around on Pinterest.

Growing up I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House in the Big Woods, Goodnight Moon, and the Berenstain Bears

Journal Post april 24, 2020

Mari Pokorny


  1. Networking ~ connections, opportunities, kindness, interest
  2. Learn to fail ~ not everything is easy peasy-- time
  3. Studio doesn't and shouldn't be all your life/time at college. 
  4. Make time to do things you love outside of your work.
  5. It's OKAY to have different hobbies and not to know which is your main work and which is outside of work, you can be many different professions, and sometimes they overlap.

Tiandra inspired me, and sort of made me feel better. I have so many passions, and I don't know what exactly what I want to do/be, but she said that you don't have to define yourself behind ONE profession/passion. Her presentation inspired other ideas for future studios.


  •  It was challenging to get inspiration, especially without a ton of input from my peers. It was also challenging to work around the materials I had, but then it was also fun to have boundaries.


  • It was rewarding to present my final prototype to the guest coaches and Wheeler/NuVu teachers. Even though I wish other students could've seen my presentation, I didn't feel rushed. After I presented, the feedback I got was great, and it made me feel good to get positive feedback from my work from the guest coaches, especially.

This studio allowed me to listen to artists and music that I never thought I'd listen to. I sometimes listen to Phillip Glass when I'm working on homework. I also now pay attention to nature and its music. I feel more 'down to earth' (;

Harry Partch was a great inspiration. When I think of an instrument I used to think of an object that made one noise. His work inspired me to create something with many sounds added. It was also inspiring how he just created these crazy looking instruments and it made me feel like I could create something crazy too.

At first, it was terrifying to see all of the people slowly flow into our zoom, but once we broke up into groups, the feedback I got really influenced my final prototype. It was also exciting to present our work to different faces. Since these guest coaches came, I feel like I paid more attention to their feedback. After I presented, it gave me confidence for my future presentations on my work.

Okay. To be honest, I don't remember seeing other high school students, but that's cool that they came to look at our work. My advice would be to be open to all feedback from your peers/coaches. Sometimes the feedback is harsh and it puts you down, but the feedback is only to help you and inspire you. Also, go crazy. Don't hold too many walls up for inspiration, and sometimes your instrument inspiration isn't always an existing instrument. When you present your deliverables, go out there confidently. Don't say this is bad or sorry or else your audience will see it in a different view.

I think it's crazy that school is closed, but I sorta knew that they would due to the state of our world today. It's disappointing that I won't be able to see my friends or even work in the NuVu studio. When I applied to NuVu, I was so excited to work with all the tools and to work with my peers, but knowing that I won't be going back into NuVu, it's sad. I'd love to be a TA for next year. I hope that then I would be able to use the tools, learn, prototype, and create on my own.

Journal Post 4.17.20

Mari Pokorny
  • Meagan was really cool. 1) I loved how she brought reality to her presentation. Like how your dreams and what you think your life will be won't always be exactly that. 2) Summer programs/study abroad- you learn a lot about the possibilities. 3) It's not what you know, but who you know. Always be nice and chill because you never know when this person could influence you and your career. 4) In college, if you aren't happy with what your studying, it's okay to switch. If you are enjoying your classes but are hesitant, keep up with those classes but leave doors open. 5) Nobody expects or should expect you to have it all figured out. It's okay to make a change in your career path. Change is often good.
  • Studio Intrumentarium has effected the way I listen to music. When I'm out in nature, I realize that I'm focussed on the natural sounds I hear. I also have been more open to new genres of music that I never thought I'd enjoy.
  • When I think of art, my initial thought is drawing and painting. I've never really considered music Art, but now when I create and design, I now pay attention to sounds it can offer.
  • I listen to much more music in quarantine. I used to only listen to it when walking to and from school, but now I listen to it in my free time. I feel more connected to myself when listening to music. Before C-19 and quarantine, I used music to pass time and a way to connect to others, but now I listen to music for myself. A way of recentering. It also allows me to think creatively.
  • The word "Manifesto" literally sounds terrifying. And the thought of having to write one about sound (a topic that isn't specific) seemed kinda awful and scary. But I just wrote about what I felt in the present moment- rain and wind. It was the night of the big storm and that led me to my manifesto about seeing with your ears and hearing with your eyes.
  • Five takeaways from Mid-Review
    • Tittle. I haven't come up with a tittle, but I got feedback saying that a tittle can be created from like how/what this instrument means to me, and I can build off of that.
    • Drawings. They highlight and get ideas across. They don't always have to be identical to the final, but it does allow brainstorming.
    • Manifesto. Our manifestos are powerful/key and we should always return back to this for inspo.
    • Performance. Performance is almost as key as it being able to produce a sound.
    • Combination. Finding some way to combine my two pieces together.
    • Junk. Think about the objects you are using. Push outside your realm and use random found objects.
  • My challenges were trying to get everything done even when my internet and cellular went out for a day and a half. Another challenge was creating my prototype because I wanted something big and for it to be used outside.
  • Favorite part was searching for random junk in the barns that literally haven't been cleared out for years! I discovered cool historic family things that we didn't know we had, like a few trunks from when my grandpa was a child when he sailed to Europe.