weeklyPOP || lecture notes + listening tips

Shaunta Butler

weeklyPOP! Listening Tips:  Or, How to Take Notes While the Designers Are Speaking

Have your sketchbook and pen ready.

Write notes that are brief, direct, and pointed. Remember your goal is to understand the lecture. You don’t need to repeat it verbatim!

Use visual aids (arrows, symbols, etc) when you have time. Make your notes lively if you can!

Before the talk begins, write down whatever biographical information you get about the speaker: name, profession, location, etc.

Listen carefully to Shaunta’s intro: What things does she want you to know about the speaker? Why do you think she wants you to know them?

Watch and listen to the speaker as carefully as you can. Take note of how and when the speaker’s voice/tone and body language signals that something is important.

Listen for words like “First, Second, For example,” etc. that the speaker is using to indicate that something important is coming. Write that information down.

Record and circle any books or resources that the speaker recommends you check out. That way you can easily find these resources later.

Write down any questions that come to you as your listening. Did the speaker tell you about changing jobs without explaining why? Did the speaker tell you that working as a wildland firefighter influenced his work as a designer and leave you wondering how such a dangerous job could possibly inspire a designer? Then, write those questions down and ask later!

At the end of the talk, if the speaker summarizes the main points of the talk, use that summary to check your notes for correctness. Add or subtract points as needed.


Shaunta Butler