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Mari Pokorny

Marina Pokorny


April 13, 2020


I see with my ears and hear with my eyes. Sounds come to me visually and audibly. Today it was water and the wind. Water came to me in many ways, creating various noises. From rain hitting a window, waves crashing at the beach, and even the tiniest leak of a pipe, those sounds you are hearing without also seeing them, that’s all water. The wind has infinite sounds too. Rustles in trees to blows into a trumpet, all these sounds come from wind. Today, I heard the rain and wind.

I couldn’t see the rain hitting the roof or the wind rustling the trees, but when I closed my eyes, I saw the sounds. I paid attention to every individual raindrop, and I observed each one bouncing off the rooftop. While I watched the sounds of the rain in my mind, I realize that each drop has a different pitch, tone, and depth, and I could see the differences. I notice as some fall hard and splat on the roof, while others sprinkle in groups. Every drop I see produces its pitch depending on its weight and how it hits the roof. When I think about it, you listen to the rainfall, knowing it’s rain by the music it makes, and with this, you can see the rain in your head. It works the other way, too. If you are deaf but have heard rainfall before, when looking at the rain splat on the pavement, you can listen to it pitter-patter once it touches the ground. 

Today, I also heard and saw the sound of the wind, rustling the trees. I saw the wind forcefully push the trees back and forth. I saw the trees stop fighting and surrender to the wind, knowing if they don’t, their branches will brake. I saw the strong, sturdy branches thrash around while the weaker ones fell to the ground. Even with my eyes closed this whole time, I saw these sounds.

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