Student precedents


Davis Howland
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GloFlo is designed for overtaxed people to manage stress and improve focus by encouraging them to take a moment to relax their minds. The soothing white light energizes the mind and helps the user focus. The lamp consists of lights on the end of eight arms that move up and down. The mechanism is controlled by the users hands in proximity of the sensors on the device. As you move your hands closer to the sensor the lights move up and if you move them farther away the lights move down. If you remove your hand from the sensor entirely the lights move back to their original state in the upwards position. An Arduino inside the base relays information from the ultrasonic distance sensor to the servo which moves a certain number of degrees depending on the distance measured from the sensor to the moving hand. The servo spools up string that attaches to each of the arms, which then pivot on the y-axis in unison. The lights, which are always powered on while the device is plugged in, are attached to the end of each arm. The meditative motions conducted by the user in combination with the soft white lights will serve asa helpful way to reach a calm and relaxed state of mind.

My Name Is

Aoife Keefe
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My Project, “My Name Is” is an exploration of the intersection of the past, present and future understanding of my name; Aoife. In making this moving picture and name tag frame, I wanted to take the viewer through the experience of having a name like mine: its origin, why it was given to me and the constant mispronunciations of it. My name can be found in the cross section between external identifiers and internal identity. I have never had the option of my name being an influential and important part of my identity because I have been told who I am or who I am supposed to be for my entire life. As this project is personal and tells my experience, this piece tells a story that many people all around the world can relate to. Because name pronunciation is extremely important to childhood development of confidence, especially for children of color, I knew that this would give a voice to those who are too afraid to speak up and correct. 

Live Glass

Natalie Ferry
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the crown of truth

Talia Fellman-Blau
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